Кой съм аз?

арлекин съм
мъртъв за живота
чужд на смъртта

"Ощ" не дава отговори, а самото то е отговор, който може и да не разберете, но ще почувствате сами за себе си.

- Веселина Сариева



обичам те, мая
ти си част от мен
но аз не съм ти
аз дори не съм аз
защото съм в теб
но теб те няма


ааааh jed

A With Living

Trust the shuffle
Turn on the volume
Close your eyes
And ride

Do nothing
Make nothing
Say nothing
Think nothing
Being right feels good
But feeling right is best

I've been dead for years
I just never saw it
Look ma, no eyes!

I write the lines for your silence
Your bluffs are empty
Your roads are empty
You can't control us
You can't control us

The name of the game is Life


Heal yourselves!

My time
Is almost through
Little left to do
After all
I've tried for three years
Seems like thirty
Seems like thirty

See my eyes I can hardly see
See me stand I can hardly walk
I believe you can make me whole
See my tongue I can hardly talk

See my skin I'm a mass of blood
See my legs I can hardly stand
I believe you can make me well
See my purse I'm a poor, poor man

Will you touch, will you mend me Christ?
Won't you touch, will you heal me Christ?
Will you kiss, you can heal me Christ
Won't you kiss, won't you pay me Christ?

Oh, there's too many of you, don't push me
Oh, there's too little of me, don't crowd me
Heal yourselves!



Through their own conduct [people] often lock themselves out of the best that is within them. Only afterward do they realize how poor they have become. They have cut themselves off from the world of goodness and beauty within them. . . . So many people have to bear this burden. It is what makes them lose heart. They pass a garden and know that the flowers blossoming in it are no longer for them.
— Albert Schweitzer, quoted in Thoughts for Our Times, Peter Pauper Press, 1975

загуба на настояще в спомен за болката

На Д.Р.
Съблечи паметта от настоящето. Горещо му е и не може да тича, да се пързаля и да се люлее. Спокойно. Няма да настине. Винаги можеш да го облечеш, като му стане студено. Сега го остави да тича.


Rajshree Patel talks about Power of Breath - Sudarshan Kriya

I'm nobody! Who are you?

I'm nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there's a pair of us — don't tell!
They'd banish us, you know.

How dreary to be somebody!
How public, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

- Emily Dickinson



Искам да съм бременна с теб
Позволи ми да те обичам,
Както бих обичала детето в утробата си
Дали ще мога?
Да обичам смеха ти, когато си вън от мен
Да обичам смеха на всички хора в утробата си?
Да те приема в нея,
Щом вече съм била в твоята?


Hún Jörð

Кой би предположил, че Sigur Rós са способни на такива неща? :D

Our Mother, who art in Earth,
Hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done
On us as it is in you.
As you send Thy angels every day,
Send them to us aswell
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those
Who trespass against you.
And lead us not into sickness,
But deliver us from evil,
Because yours is the earth
And the body
And the health


softly be

Don't try to figure it out. It's too simple for intellect/the mind.
And then, and this is good...
Just softly (right? softly)..be with what informs you that you exist.
Righto cheerio? It's simple. No need to complicate it...
I like the softly be with that which informs you that you exist. Yea. That is all that is necessary..all the rest ain't...necessary...okay? Take care...and once again...softly be...
- Bo


Consecration of the Space

In the Infinite Circle of the Divine Presence which completely envelopes me, I affirm that:

There is only one presence here -- it is HARMONY, which creates a vibration in all hearts of happiness and joy.
Whoever enters here will feel the vibration of Divine Harmony.

There is only one presence here -- it is LOVE. God is love, which envelopes all beings in a single feeling of unity. This sanctuary is filled with the presence of love. In Love, I live, I move and I exist.
Whoever enters here will feel the pure and holy Presence of Love.

There is only one presence here - it is TRUTH. All that exists here, all that is spoken here, all that is brought here is the expression of Truth.
Whoever enters here will feel the Presence of Truth.

There is only one presence here -- it is JUSTICE. Justice reigns in this sanctuary. Every act practiced here is ruled and inspired by Justice.
Whoever enters here will feel the Presence of Justice.

There is only one presence here -- it is the presence of God, who is GOODNESS. No evil can enter here. There is no evil in God. God, who is Goodness, dwells here.
Whoever enters here will feel the Divine Presence of Goodness.

There is only one presence here -- it is the presence of God, who is LIFE. God is the essential Life of all beings. He is the health of body and mind.
Whoever enters here will feel the Divine Presence of life and Health.

There is only one presence here -- it is the presence of God, who is PROSPERITY. God is Prosperity because She makes everything grow and prosper. God expresses Herself through the Prosperity of all that is carried out in Her name.
Whoever enters here will feel the Divine Presence of Prosperity and Abundance.

Through the esoteric symbol of the Divine Wings, I am in harmonious vibration with the universal currents of Wisdom, Power & Joy.
The Presence of Divine Wisdom is manifested here.
The Presence of Divine Joy is deeply felt by all those who enter here.

In the perfect communion between my lower self and my Higher Self, which is God in me, I consecrate this sanctuary to the perfect expression of all divine qualities which are in me and in all beings. The vibrations of my thoughts are the forces of God in me, which are stored here and hence radiated to all beings -- thus establishing this place as a center of giving and receiving of all that is Good, Joyful and Prosperous.


Whatever is on my mind, I say it as I feel it, I'm truthful to myself; I'm young and I'm old, I've been bought and I've been sold, so many times. I am hard-faced, I am gone. I am just like you.
- Henry Barthes (Detachment)


from the atom to the universe

"Sooner or later nuclear physics and the psychology of the unconscious will draw closer together as both of them, independently of one another and from opposite directions, push forward into transcendental territory, the one with the concept of the atom, the other with that of the archetype" - Jung


Damien Hirst - I Am Become Death, Shatterer of Worlds

(c) Reuters

Logos Police

Logos Police
Arrest this man
He thinks too much…

Полицията на Логос
Оглежда главата ми за мисли
Полицията на Логос
Заслепени пеперуди
В отчаян полет
Към мантрата на тавана
Лови ги в мрежи
Хвърля ги през носа
Полицаи, мисли, мрежи, пеперуди
Забравих лампата светната



- Когато истината изпълни заблудата и я разтвори в себе си, тя се връща в себе си.
- Значи истината е, че заблуда няма? Но какво е истината без заблудата?
- Точка без маса.
- Значи истината я няма?
- Да, без заблудата истината е слънце без лъчи.
- Но слънцето поглъща лъчите. Тях ги няма!
- Да, никога не ги е имало.
- Но тогава за какво са й лъчите?
- Заблудите ли?
- Проявленията - за какво са й те?
- За да съществува.
- Без тях тя няма да съществува?
- Да.
- Значи истината не съществува?
- Истината не съществува.


"Страхът е любов, обърнатa с главата надолу."

- Шри Шри


what for? what truth?

No joy and not much changed
I'm still here same old way

How long? Where to?
What for? What truth?

And it's strange you can tell
Always leave, never dwell
Running, restless ache
Must believe for heaven's sake

Don't know where to go
Hung by a thread I'm misled
How long? Where to?
What for? What truth?