Errinnerung = Inwardization

[Intelligence] receives and accepts impressions from outside, that 'ideas' arise through causal operations on the part of external things upon it, etc., belongs to a point of view utterly alien to what Spirit is, as to the standpoint of its philosophical study. (...) Intelligence is re-cognitive in and for itself ... its product, what is thought, is directly the fact, the simple identity of subjective and objective. It knows that 'what is thought' is 'what is', and that 'what is' only 'is' so far as it is thought. To think is thus simply to have thoughts; to have these alone as content and object."
Hegel - Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences

The same holds for phenomenological description which rests on the assimilation of  all mental acts to one subjective form, as modifications of an original 'protodoxic'  intentionality of consciousness, in Husserl's language, as modes of Dasein's being-in-theworld, or as even perhaps a function of one's speaking or writing. Not only is subjective objective polarity still residual in these views but the simple fact is not faced that intuiting, imagining or thinking are not properly to be described as acts of a subject in any sense, since subjectivity is already one of the terms in the free intellectual reciprocity in which such acts consist. In recalling anything, for example, I am as much in the object recalled as the object recalled is in me; and so for all cases. Thinking is not the act of a detached ego brooding over an alien world but the self-expressive activity in which it is a matter of indifference whether one says thinking immerses itself in being or being presents itself to thinking.
- Francis L. Jackson - Hegel's Psychology Of Freedom

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